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Mel Wells – ‘gateway to possibilities…..’

Every month we would like to big up a Hero with Sass. Hero & Sass would like to kick off our #heroeswithsass blogs by introducing you to the marvel that is Mel Wells. Mel is a bestselling Hay House Author, Worldwide Speaker, and the UK’s leading Eating Psychology Coach and Self Love Expert, dedicated to helping individuals completely transform the relationship with themselves, their body and their food. Inspiring women, especially, to grab life by the balls, instead of feeling like you’re on hold because of your body, or your battles with food. She has not only been a personal inspiration to me but via her epic global social media network she reaches out and supports so many women.

It’s her mission in life to help women heal their relationship with food and their bodies, and claim the freedom that they so crave and deserve. And yet beyond that there is so much more too. Once you dive in and begin to unravel your layers of self care personal to you, therefore allowing your self worth to naturally grow, you can truly unlock all potential and really believe what you are worthy of.

My story is that I started at The Academy in January 2016, I felt like a bit of a fraud on a couple of levels, as doing the online course, I wasn’t sure if all the modules on offer would apply to me or be able to help me, help myself. As I don’t necessarily have a bad relationship with food, I naturally eat green and eat clean as a default setting, and have done for 30 years. I do however have a terrible relationship with my self esteem, mind and body and have had since a young teenager, and as I understand it now, I am learning to manage living with anxiety and panic attacks.
A further aspect on the fraud front was that I just couldn’t cope with the whole social media public posting, even on the private Green Goddess Academy Facebook page. I certainly never managed an introduction video of myself to the group, plus I didn’t add any photos to share with what is actually a very supportive Facebook community. Like so many, I self sabotage and felt that my journey was a very private one. Its only now that I feel I can open up about the work that I’ve done so far on myself and continue to explore. I could see the benefits of sharing through the Green Goddess social media community, it is a safe, non judgemental sisterhood, where so many women inspired me with their high and low stories, but at the time, it was enough for me to be slightly on the sidelines. Now I would like the opportunity to vocalise to Mel how much gratitude I have for her and her work.

When I look back through my notes on each of the Green Goddess Academy Modules, which I worked through casually at my own pace, across the year of 2016, under Mel’s online guidance, I am reminded of the journey and of certain lightbulb moments. Like, the body positive message, learning to respect, appreciate and love the body I am in. Plus identifying how to value and respect myself, thanking my body that has safely nurtured and successfully created two healthy wonderful children. Also, to be kind to myself and my body, as only I would do to a friend or my children. I was, and still can be, very good at the demon that is self sabotage. Though, now I do not default to verbally abusing myself and I can actually use a mirror.
There are many positive steps and changes that have I bravely made for the better, grabbing opportunities by the balls, winging it all the way. Understanding the truth in the importance of surrounding oneself with the right friends and family, because purely functioning and surviving is not an option anymore. I’ve learnt that I am not just a spectator, instead I am thriving and doing it authentically. I continue to improve myself, determined to offer the best me as a blue print for my daughter and son.

In the last year, I have transformed our lives practically and logistically for the better. I am stronger, confidently equipped and aware of the my emotional, mental and physical needs. Consequently, I feel liberated, which fuels creativity and a renewed motivational energy to flow. This is gently driving me to setting up this new business venture, in the honourable pursuit to make a better life for me and my children.

It is with no doubt that this journey of transformation for the past 2 and a half years, was started when I joined the Academy, so I thank you Mel and your team, as well as all the wonderful Goddesses out there. You definitely have opened my gateway to possibilities. I salute you. Please check out Mel and the inspiring success stories of her Facebook community or on her website